Thursday, March 13, 2014
Meet and Greet at Live Wire @ 7PM
Come by and have a pre-rally celebration with your favourite scooter club before they lead you 70 miles to go camp in a ditch next to a scuzzy bar in the middle of nowhere.

Friday, March 14, 2014
Ride meets at Motorsport Scooters @ 9 AM
Come have some coffee and pastries at our favourite scooter shop before we embark on a 70 mile ride up to Warner Springs. We will be leaving at 10 AM sharpish. Be gassed up and don't be That Guy.
Unpack your shit before you get shit-faced. You'll be grateful you did.
Dinner ride around 6pm to Santa Ysabel Casino
Be prepared for drinking, tomfoolery, and nudity.

Late-Arrival Meet and Greet at Live Wire @ 7PM
Those of you still left in the city can have sloppy seconds at the Live Wire before you head for the hills Saturday morning.

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Late-Arrival Ride meets at Motorsport Scooters @ 9AM
A Saturday morning repeat of Friday. Same shit, different people.
Ride out to RD's at 10am SPT (Scooter People Time)
Arrive at campsite to find it destroyed from the night before, a scooter hanging from a tree, and someone running around with only one leg, naked.

Ride to Borrego Springs @ 11am
Take the Glass Elevator down, down, down to Borrego Springs. The S22 descends rapidly from the mountains to the desert floor in a matter of clenching minutes.
Lunch in Borrego Springs.
Ride out to the Metal Sculptures of Borrego Springs. There are over 100 to find!

Evening Shenanigans
Get into some trouble.

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Wake up, Pack Up, STFU, GTFO.
In the cold light of day you will find the Pharaohs looking like hell.
Beware the puke puddles.
Congratulations, you have survived