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This rally is a preregister only rally up to the group site maximum of 50 people. If space remains prior to the weekend, we will allow day-of registration. Individual sites are available through CA Dept of P and R, however, from our prior experience you will have better chances for privacy at the group site, the individual sites are packed like sardines in a sandy can. Registration is $35 and includes 2 days of camping, 2 breakfast foods, 2 dinner foods, all the beer you can drink, unlimited shenanigans, and a badass patch. Yes, there are cold showers and indoor shitholes.

Campsite Type
Special Instructions

Thursday, June 12th, 2014
Meet and Greet at Live Wire @ 7PM
Meet and Greet 7pm Live Wire. This will be the only official meet and greet. Make your own party if you are still in town on Friday, because we will in the northermost part of San Diego county, not giving a Ra-damn.

Friday, June 13th, 2014
Ride meet-up 10am at the Pharaohs' favorite scooter shop, Motorsport Scooters.
Coffee and pastries provided by Meshuggah Shack.

We'll take the coast up PCH and stop for lunch at the Hill St. Cafe before taking the Interstate 5 up from Camp Pendleton to San Clemente and back to San Onofre State Beach. Once you see the concrete tits, you're almost there.

Friday evening, take it easy, huh? Try to save some party for Saturday night...

Burgers and Dogs for dinner.

Sunset at 8:01pm, Take a look over the bluffs to observe our grand irradiator depart.

Saturday, June 14th, 2014
Sunrise ride, like 4:30-ish?
Sun is up at 5:40am. Destination unknown. We're gonna rev some dirt onto to your tent if you said you come and later decided to sleep in.

Wakey, Wakey. 9am-ish
Corn Beef Hash, Coffee, breakfast beers.

If you haven't already arrived at San Onofre State Beach at this point, you had best better get on it, we're gonna be leaving soon!

Saturday ride leaves at 11am
Day ride Ortega Highway to Lake Elsinore, lunch at strip mall food court, ride back to Hell's Kitchen for a bev, teetotalers can continue on back to campsite and get high "on life". Brave the twists and hairpin turns of the 27 mile Ortega Highway through the beautiful Santa Ana Mountains.

Landlocked State Resident Beach Party all damn day.
Those of you who are over living by the ocean day in and day out can have a beach day in the radioactive waters of San Onofre State Beach. Those who have extra balls (and who surely will by the end of the day if entering the nearby waters) can search for the elusive "trail 6" nudist beach. Snacks will be available throughout the day, but lunch is your own responsibility, but just don't eat the Fukushima fish.

Saturday Evening
Night dinner, BBQ chicken, shennaigans, yada yada, party, have a good time, you know what to do.

Sunday, June 15th, 2014
Menudo or Chilequiles tortilla party breakfast.

Pack up, GTFO, try to sneak on base for some Sonic tater tots.

If we didn't get kicked out see you next year!